Speaking of Yamanashi

To emphasize Yamanashi widely

Characters came to play from Yamanashi kids town.

We introduce document about noted product and Yamanashi of Yamanashi with pretty character.

(Yamanashi kids town is site that Yamanashi runs. Detailed information such as the names of each character is placed in Yamanashi kids town.)



Famous clear water, hot spring

Do not see; harpoon

It is beautiful sen*taki in halfway up a mountain of noborisenkyo. It is chosen as 100 selections of Japanese waterfalls.

Nishizawa Valley belonging to Chichibu Tama worth national park is beautiful valley eminent Japan.

Yamanashi is treasure house of hot springs so that it is said, "place that we dug breeds in hot spring". It is used to citizen for sense to go to public bath for well.


Mount Fuji


In the foot of Mount Fuji, magnificent city park in mountains district, seasonal flowers are in full glory.

Lake Kawaguchi more of high altitudes than Kofu becomes summer resort where people gather from all over Japan as well as the Yamanashi prefecture.

Mount Fuji radar dome building is on-site training facility which can learn duties in trace of Mount Fuji radar and the severe environment.




In Yamanashi, we can enjoy selection of wine casually in favorite winery.

It is wine toko with most wineries of the whole country for Yamanashi. Of course the taste is with origami, too.



Peach plum

Peaches what more than ten kinds are cultivated in Yamanashi.

In addition to peach and grape, cultivation of blueberry becomes popular recently, too.

Yamanashi is matter of the best amount of production in Japan of obvious grape. Various types of grapes including vinification use for processing are cultivated as well as straight food.




In Yamanashi that money and crystal were produced in the old days, processing and sale of jewel are still performed flourishingly.


The forest, the mountains

Do not see; harpoon

It is Yatsugatake told to have competed with Mount Fuji for the height in the old days.

noborisenkyo which is located in the northern part of Kofu. A large number of people come from metropolitan area to see this enkakuho when it is the weekend.



Character seems to have gone to one, somewhere in this site. Please look for this silhouette for hint.